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Is Ohio a safe state when it comes to workplace accidents?

When you're trying to get a job or work at your employer's location, you want to make sure that you're going to be safe and that your welfare is of concern to your employer. Ohio does not do well when it comes to workplace safety, according to some reports, because the number of deaths is simply too high for the Midwest region.

How is Ohio placed statistically for workplace injuries?

Can a rape charge be defended against?

Defending a charge of rape can be tricky. This crime is one that is known as being difficult to defend, because it's a very serious accusation that takes little to prove. In some cases, it comes down to he-said-she-said stories.

What's important to understand is that those who are accused of rape aren't allowed to offer evidence about the victim's promiscuity or have a psychological exam ordered. In fact, no real evidence except for the victim's word is needed to make a claim of rape.

Digging your way out of debt may require legal help

Personal bankruptcy is an option you have if you feel your debts have become overwhelming. While you have other options, like negotiating with creditors over your debts or using a payment plan to make installments on your debts over time, a bankruptcy can be a good way to get a fresh start.

If you have high credit card bills or interest rates that are sky-high, starting over post-bankruptcy may be a good option. In the past, the economy was not good and many people got into trouble using credit, losing their jobs and struggling to pay their bills.

Getting compensated after getting hurt at work

When you're hurt at work, you should be able to apply for workers' compensation. There are a few kinds of benefits you can receive, but the most common is the temporary total disability benefit provided through the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. This form of benefits replaces wages lost by those who are unable to work while they are going through recovery.

While you may only know about this kind of workers' compensation, there are also ways you can get compensated in other ways. These benefit payments can't normally be received through litigation on a personal injury claim, but you should be able to work with your attorney to file the correct documents for additional coverage through these processes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to filing for bankruptcy to consider. Before you file, you may want to speak with your attorney about other options in Columbus, which may include things like payment plans or short sales to help you get out of debt. If you decide to move forward with bankruptcy, then you'll want to understand the possible pitfalls.

What are the disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy?

The best place to be after a crash? It may be in your vehicle

When you get into a car accident on a highway or roadway, what should you do? Where is it the safest for you to be? While you may not initially be concerned with anything except getting out of your wrecked vehicle, that may not be the best choice to make at the time.

Research has shown that staying in your car, unless it's a dangerous environment, is the best option. Being on or near busy traffic lanes on the highway is dangerous, according to experts, so what you should do is move to the shoulder of the road as fast as possible while still inside your vehicle. Call the police from inside your vehicle, then wait for assistance.

The basics of a civil lawsuit

If you decide you want to file a civil lawsuit against another person, you'll be taking a case to trial. The case is based on evidence, and the jury or judge will need to determine if the evidence is enough proof to hold a person responsible for the allegations made by the plaintiff.

A trial is a plaintiff's chance to argue one's case against the defendant. The goal for the plaintiff is to get a judgment against the defendant, so he or she can obtain compensation toward repairing whatever damages have been done.

What do you do following a personal injury?

What are the steps you need to take if you're hurt due to someone else's actions or inactions? Personal injury claims can help you get the compensation you need to take care of yourself and your family. Here are the things you can do to make sure your claim is filed on time and has the best chance for success.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you take care of yourself. If you're hurt, go to the emergency room or the hospital for treatment. You are the most important factor, so treatment is necessary. Keep the medical information you receive, since you may need it later in your case.

Bankruptcy can be a good option for your future

While you may not feel like the bankruptcy you're considering is good for your finances, there are times when bankruptcies can be good for you. Bankruptcies were at a high in 2008 because of the recession, and of course, there was some judgment over those who couldn't afford to pay for their homes or other bills.

The fact is, if you can't afford to pay for your home or the bills you have, bankruptcy is a viable option that shouldn't be looked down upon. Facing the fact that your finances are out of control early gives you the chance to start over again without debt accumulating further.

You may be able to file a claim for total temporary compensation

When you get hurt on the job, it's your right to seek a workers' compensation claim. The way this process works is defined clearly by the Ohio Department of Workers' Compensation.

First, an initial investigation will begin. At that point, you'll need to provide several rounds of documents to the Bureau. These documents include things like medical documents provided to you discussing your injury and how it is affecting your body, documentation about the restrictions placed on you at work, and a document requesting temporary total compensation if you're not able to work for more than seven days.

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